We try to tread as lightly as we can and purchase goods and services in the most fair and sustainable way possible.

We recycle all our cardboard, paper, tin cans, plastic bottles and glass via Countrystyle Recycling with 100% landfill diversion.

All of Wholefood Earth’s unsold product is composted

We do not sell or supply plastic carrier bags. We offer recyclable paper bags or biodegradable cotton tote bags.

We sell Ecover refills

We use Enviromate when we need to dispose of unwanted building materials


At Wholefood Earth our ethos affects how we source our products at the best possible quality and price within acceptable ethical parameters.

We aim to avoid buying from companies with poor human rights records and support constructive boycotts.

We will not hesitate to remove popular items linked to aggressive multi-nationals e.g. Coco-Cola, Nestle, Cadbury’s (Kraft)…etc.

Healthcare products should not contain SLS, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrance and colours, TEA and DEA or parabens

We avoid any foods that have unacceptable additives e.g. artificial sweeteners, colours and preservatives

We give preference to Fairtrade, organic and co-operative products. It’s our aim to increase our Fairtrade and organic product range.