Welcome to Wholefood Earth. A small team of like-minded individuals that have set out to create a healthier, more sustainable, more convenient ethical alternative to online food shopping at an affordable price.

We’re working hard to establish an accessible outlet both online and offline that’s organic, fair trade and ethical wherever possible. We aim to support the local community and ensure that a percentage of our profits is redistributed to supporting the key organism in nature that pollinates our produce, the bees. Read more about that here.


Our philosophy is to provide Wholefood Earth customers with the following key principles.

  • Affordable healthy wholefood
  • Friendly personal customer services
  • Provide a variety of sustainably sourced products
  • Avoid products using toxic pesticides/chemicals
  • Encouraging Community spirit online and offline


We believe passionately that eating healthy does not mean expensively and nobody should be denied the opportunity to have a positive impact due to budget. Building sustainability measures into your life does not have to be expensive and that’s why reasonable pricing is one of our key principles.


We vote for the world we want to live by the small individual purchases we make every day, shaping and forming the environment and communities of people worldwide. It’s important for us to be mindful of the people and products we’re supporting. Changes don’t have to be big, even the smallest shift of moving to eco-friendly cleaning products is a positive change.


Our choices can support or destroy our environment, people’s health and wellbeing, sole traders, local businesses, biodiversity and animal habitats, animal welfare and the list goes on. We believe that more mindful purchasing combined with communal collaboration will be the fastest way to positively build a more sustainable food industry. Join the Wholefood Earth community to stay updated with our progress.