Minerals & Salts

From food grade sea salt, to magnesium water, to epsom salts for baths, we have minerals and salts you use at home.
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Epsom Bath Salts
Epsom Bath Salts
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Fine Sea Salt
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Bath Bomb Kit
Bath Bomb Kit
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Minerals & Salts 

At Wholefood Earth you can buy minerals and salts online. We strive to carry sustainably sourced products that contribute to a healthy, wholesome diet and products that are free of toxic pesticides and chemicals.

Did you know? You can you use minerals & salts for cooking and outside of cooking. 

Sodium helps to maintain proper fluid balance, so you’ll definitely want to stock up on this natural spice and you can also use it for cleaning. Salt is also a natural spice and food preservative. 

You simply can’t go without salt in your pantry. Salt is something you always have on hand. Table salt brings out the aroma of your savory dishes.

At Wholefood Earth, we have many surprising salts like the Himalayan Pink Salt Lick for cows, horses and other cattle or Kala Namak - a pungent-smelling condiment is used in South Asia, also known as "Himalayan black salt" and has a taste of a hard-boiled egg! That makes it a great addition to vegan eggs recipes!

Outside of cooking, you can use salt for your self-care routine. We carry Epsom salt, a relaxing addition to baths that can ease sore muscles. Also try Israeli Dead Sea salt to nourish and help heal itchy, dry skin in the bath or grab a bath bomb kit to concoct your own bath rituals!

Diatomaceous Earth, a naturally occurring sand made from the fossilized remains of diatoms (tiny aquatic organisms whose skeletons are composed of natural silica). Raw and unrefined, it’s a natural way to get rid of fleas, lice and other unwanted insects with just a sprinkle.

Grab the salts, vitamins and minerals you need in affordable bulk prices so you’re never left without this essential ingredient. 


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