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Welcome to your weeknight dinner heroes! Beans, pulses & lentils are ultra nutritious and complete a heart-healthy meal in under 20 minutes. Needing little to no fuss and containing tons of fibre and protein, they’re the base of many delicious vegan meals. Due to the range of legumes to choose from, you’ll never get bored of coming up with new flavor combinations!


Versatile Beans
Your affordable source of protein, fiber, iron, and vitamins, there’s an unending variety of beans to add to everyday meals; and each bean has its unique place in a recipe. Use white kidneys in minestrone soup, red kidney beans in chili or navy beans in Boston-style baked beans. Versatile pinto beans are full of flavour, but also try swapping black beans with pinto beans in recipes where you’d like fewer carbohydrates. Chickpeas—which are indeed a pulse—are the perfect bite to a green salad, used to make hummus, or roasted for a tasty solo snack. We also carry an assortment of whole and split peas, used in everything from soup to risotto.

Earthy Lentils
We love beans but we don’t know why they get all the attention! Lentils pack more vegan protein, and typically have a bit more vitamins and minerals than beans, too. We carry a variety to choose from for simple, delicious meals. Green and yellow lentils have an earthy flavour, perfect for stews and hummus-style dips. Red and yellow lentils are the star of many Indian curry dishes like daal. Next, try Puy Lentils, or French-style lentils, which pack enough bite to be added to salads. Unlike their other counterparts, these dark-hued lentils retain shape and thus a bit of al-dente crunch.

Healthy Plant-Based Diets
We believe it’s vital to buy beans, pulses & lentils online to ensure your pantry is always stocked with these vegan protein stars. Soybeans have the highest protein content of any legume, followed by lentils. Going soy-free? Lentils are next, with 100 grams of lentils contain 26g of protein.

Legumes also have a super high fibre content. Navy beans clock in at an astounding 19 grams of fibre per cup with black beans clocking in 15 grams per cup. Lentils, too, with an average of 15 grams of fibre per cup. This is absolutely essential for those becoming vegan. Legumes are also heart-healthy and can help lower your blood pressure! A study found that adding more beans and lentils lowered blood pressure in people with and without hypertension. Looking for all organic? You can find certified organic lentils in just about any variety.

Buy Beans, Pulses & Lentils Online
The problem with store-bought beans and lentils? They often come canned. While it’s undoubtedly convenient, soaking legumes is the key to reducing oligosaccharides, the sugar that causes gas, by up to 67 percent. Canned legumes are not soaked, which is why they could be causing you digestive issues. So go ahead and buy your dry legumes in bulk! They last up to a year when stored in a cool, dry place. At Wholefood Earth, we’re here to provide healthier, more sustainable ways to shop so you always have affordable wholefood.

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