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Put down the pasta—there are more options out there for carb-lovers and vegans out there. Rice and couscous are favorite side dishes loaded with energy-inducing carbohydrates to fuel your body throughout the day. A must-have in any healthy diet, rice and couscous are wholefoods, meaning they are nutritious, unprocessed and free of nasty chemicals and additives. At Wholefood Earth, we have the best place to buy rice online so you can stock up on these sustainably-sourced products.


Superfood Seeds
Seeds (also known as kernels—technically different yet an interchangeable term) carry a host of unique nutritional benefits! Behind each little seed is a powerhouse of protein, essential fats and nutrients to support a healthy lifestyle. Ready to buy seeds online? Grabbing a variety of seeds ensures you always have the nutrients to fuel your body day after day, especially those stocking up on a raw or vegan diet. Here are some of our favorite seeds:

Just one ounce of these earthy, nutty seeds contains more than 5 grams of protein, 7 grams fibre, and 28% of the daily recommended magnesium, making it arguably the most nutritious seed out there. Be sure to purchase these ground or whole and grind them at home, as your body will have trouble digesting the outer shell.

Chia seeds:
These delightful Central American seeds contain 10 grams of fibre and 30% of your daily magnesium, making it a close competitor with flaxseed. Chia seeds, unlike flax, don’t need to be ground and don’t pack much flavour on their own. Their star feature is their gelatinous nature—in fact, they quickly absorb up to 10x their weight in liquid! Hence why they lend themselves best to smoothies, puddings and even some savory dishes.

Hemp Seeds:
Derived from the hemp plant, hemp seeds are high in magnesium, too, which (did we mention?) is a weapon against stress. They also contain over 30% fat—both the omega 3s and omega-6s that your body needs. Looking for a great source of vegan protein? Hemp seeds are comprised of 25% protein—more than flax and chia seeds! Try them raw, cooked or roasted!

Nature’s Healthy Sprinkles
In addition to the lesser-used but highly nutritious seeds above, we carry other favourites, including:

Pumpkin Seeds:
As your digestive system can’t handle the white outer shell of pumpkin seeds, try our Organic Pumpkin Seeds GWS AA Austria. These kernels grow inside of a pumpkin without a shell! They make a great addition to salty salads or toppings on homemade wheat or rye bread. Try them raw, roasted, salted, toasted or baked!

Sesame Seeds:
Well-known in Asian cuisine, sesame seeds have a delicate but prominent nutty flavour. They’re chock-full of a fibre called lignans which have been shown to be good at lowering cholesterol and preventing high blood pressure.

Sunflower Seeds:
These ball-game classics provide a healthy source of essential fatty acids, specifically in the form of linoleic acid. These meaty seeds are also a plentiful source of Vitamin E, containing an amazing 62% of your RDA!

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To conclude, we also carry organic alfalfa seeds and mixed seed compilations. Seeds will always be that surprising staple in the pantries of the most health-conscious people in the world! Should you buy them to impress your friends with the fact that actually know how to cook with them? Perhaps not—but it won’t hurt! Buy seeds online in organic, raw and GMO-free options so you’re sure to get the nutrition you need at the highest possible quality available.

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